Getting to Know Brad Bredin

It's the last few kilometers of the grueling Vancouver Marathon, and while many competitors have long since given up, Brad Bredin has only just begun. The road beneath his feet moves quickly and the cheering fans encourage him as he breathes deeper and picks up his pace. Not far ahead, he catches sight of the goal he's had in his mind since he started several hours ago. With his steady pace and perseverance to overcome whatever challenges lie in his path, Brad crosses the finish line knowing he's gone the distance every step of the way.

A Team Player

Brad has always gone above and beyond in everything he's done. For several years, he had one of the most difficult jobs in the world as a commercial fisherman in the Queen Charlotte Islands going out to sea for weeks at a time, in often extreme weather conditions. Brad's shipmates' lives often depended on his quick thinking and decisive action when the seas got rough and the pressure was on. But Brad saw this as simply another opportunity to go the distance and help everyone in his team succeed, no matter what obstacles stood in their way.

Just The Ticket

After leaving the fishing industry to spend more time closer to home, Brad went to work for the B.C. Lottery Corporation. He worked closely with more than 100 local businesses, going above and beyond every day to help them become more successful. It wasn't long before Brad was promoted, and he spent the next 19 years as a regional strategic manager. Every day, Brad went the distance to help create new marketing campaigns that had a dramatic impact on the lottery's growth, leading to more funding for schools, hospitals and a host of other community programs and events.

The Right Choice

Whatever challenges Brad faces, he always approaches them the same way'ready to do what it takes to maximize every opportunity. It's the same way he approaches his career as one of Kelowna's most respected real estate professionals specializing in Westside properties. Brad is a careful listener who understands the importance of helping families maximize their home purchase or sale. For sellers, he works hard to pre-qualify serious buyers while delivering up-to-the-minute market and pricing information that helps his clients decide when it's the right time to sell.

Westside Specialist

As the agent of choice on Kelowna's Westside, Brad knows every block of the area and uses his in-depth knowledge to help buyers find the ideal home for their families. He also uses the latest technology, including his state-of-the-art Web site, to help sellers more effectively market their homes. However, what people appreciate most about Brad is how easy he is to work with and how he always goes a little further to help each of his clients succeed.

Make The Call

Whether you're considering a purchase or sale, Brad's background in business has made him a powerful negotiator. He works hard to help you not just reach your real estate goals, but exceed them. If you're considering buying a home on Kelowna's Westside or selling your current home, you need to call a specialist who can help you achieve the success you deserve. Call Brad Bredin and find out how he's Going the Distance for You in Kelowna real estate.